Friday, October 22, 2010

home is where the heart is...

We were tidying up after supper when Sloanie asked the question -
Sloanie is always asking questions like,
"What was your favourite candy when you were little?"
"If you could go back in time to one day, what would you choose?"
"Who did you play with when you were my age?"
So it was no surprise that she started the conversation off, "Momma, if you could change one thing about our house, what would you change?"
& it struck me right then...
i love our house.
i love these imperfect walls that house these imperfect people... right off the top, i couldn't think of one thing, till she reminded me...
"Mom, didn't you always say that you wished our house faced a different direction so it wasn't always so dark in here?"
o... ya.
"& wouldn't it be great if Charter had a room to sleep in?"
"& doesn't the kitchen get a little crowded when we're making supper?"
yes. it does.
But, we have wooden floors that are all knotty & scratched so you can't tell right away if they're dirty. We have granite counter tops that won't get ruined when i put hot pans on them, or cut on the surface. We have a backyard that gets hot first thing in the spring - & stays warm long into the fall...
& best of all?
It's home.
All these little bodies, finding their rest, finding their nourishment, finding their 'belonging', learning & being loved...
& so, beautiful little green house? i'm celebrating you tonight. i'm so grateful for the wide steps leading up to the front door, the garage that holds a perfect little office, an oven that has had to work very, very hard. i love the little things that we have done to make you our own... & i love the way you look when we put you all in order & we go to bed for the night - comfortable, sheltered & safe.
i'm so thankful for this little spot...
to hang my heart.

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Lisa said...

That's sweet paige. Aren't we *so* blessed to have such wonderful homes!? Being thankful with you... :)


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