Monday, October 11, 2010

like clockwork

When my babies hit 7 months, they start to make strange.
My mom likes to joke that they're a little stuck up.
Ephraim is gonna be 8 months in only 2 days - & he has been stuck up for almost a month now.
There is a little suffering that goes along with this mama-adoration.
When my little one refuses even the comfort of daddy or siblings - my arms ache with the weight of his chubby self - as i try to keep the house running, while keeping my tiny prince enthroned in my arms.
But, what sweetness, what joy - to know that when i walk in the room, he is already panning the faces.... searching for me. Ephraim was born with what my sister dubbed (& i whole heartedly agree with) "hopeful eyes". They're just impossibly blue - with just the slightest turn down at the corners so that when he smiles, he looks 'hopeful'. & when those little eyes see me, his chubby face falls into melty smiles & his chubby legs kick & he grunts & cries out for me - even managing, "mamamama!" if he's really, very desperate.
& so ephraim - i will cling to you - as you cling to me - in this short needy phase.
We're gonna figure out how to keep you happy in my arms - and out.
i'm going to find your eyes before yours find mine - & when they meet...
my face will fall into melty smiles that mirror yours as i scoop you into my arms -
& call you my own.

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Lori-Dawn said...

love this post! so sweet!


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