Sunday, October 31, 2010

He's got me

i trust my Father.
i know that i do because i turn to Him when i need Him - & He has proved Himself trustworthy again & again & again. i lean back into Him - & know... that He's got me.
Kinda like...
Baby E likes to hold onto my fingers & stumble around the room. He grins & blows raspberries into the air & when his slobbery little hands start to lose their grip, he knows i'll catch him.
This year, Cairo started an online course. After 8 years of homeschooling & no formal science curriculum to speak of... i wondered how she'd do... i wondered if she'd learn to acclimatize to a different learning environment, with different expectations... from a different teacher.
i've hung back & held my breath as i watched her diligently work through her assignments.
& she's rockin' it... & she knows i'm here - cheering - if she needs me.
& it's interesting, isn't it - how our babies grow. Cairo no longer needs my fingers to balance as she walks through a room. She has moved past those clinging, tentative steps.
It is the hopeful triumph of motherhood to see our children grow, succeed & stand on their own two feet...
& here i can whisper what is my deepest desire -
that throughout their tender adolescent years -
into their adulthoods -
and beyond...
my children will be found clinging not to me... but to Jesus.
Walking, running, climbing, jumping... but sometimes just plain *clinging* to Him.
Sometimes strong & secure - sometimes faltering & tentative.... Always pressing onward towards That Hope that is only found in Him.


Stephanie said...

What a nice piece of writing. :) I have a large gap between my kids as well and can see how my first is slipping away into his own world while my fourth is still needing me so much.

Marcia said...

Amen sister! Well written as always.


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