Saturday, October 30, 2010

no. big. deal.

It's funny - Neil has been out of town for the past 2 weeks & i knew he wouldn't be home in time to take Charter to basketball on Friday night either.
"It's no big deal for you to take him though." he said to me, "It's only an hour..."
i laughed to myself as i thought of the differences between our "no big deals"...
For him, it means working on his blackberry for an hour while he watches Charter play basketball.
For me, it meant getting supper ready early so that i could drive the girls to youth early so that i could get Charter to basketball on time with 4 other children in tow.
It meant holding the baby while chasing the 2 year old while telling the bored 6 year old that it was almost over.
It meant telling the 10 year old i wasn't comfortable with her playing outside while i was inside, & taking the little guy potty & making too many trips to the fountain to count.
It's almost like working on my blackberry for an hour.
i know. i'm being dumb. Whining when he has been the one living on the road for 2 weeks.
i know i'd hate all that driving, figuring out flights & travel - hotels & meetings.
But to him...
It's no big deal.
Can't say there's not a little part of me that was jealous when he phoned 'cause he had a couple hours down time & he was in starbucks working on his computer.
But for the most part, i wouldn't trade.
& so, Bessie, i've got your back.
i'll drive our little crew thither and yon while you're away...
& i'll gratefully leave the doors unlocked for your weekend return...
i'll cover for you on the sidelines of our son's basketball game...
'cause really -
's no big deal.


Marcia said...

I love your honesty! It is a big deal, but it's sweet of you to say that it's not. LOL! I am so proud of you and how you are "handling" your husband being away for too many nights and days. I appreciate things more when I read your blog. You are shining such a bright light. I KNOW that going to basketball with that many little ones is a huge deal...I can just imagine! I would be whining BIG TIME. You are a wonderful mother and wife and I want you to know that God is smiling...even when you are running to the potty or fountain for the 17 millionth time, and not loving it!

jessica jespersen said...

You're wrong. It is a big deal.-j


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