Monday, November 1, 2010

october has dwindled away...

& now here we sit -
on the eve of november.
Suddenly i feel a little cowed by my new years resolution.
i feel a little foolish -
But i'm too stubborn to give in to my insecurity.
& so, i'll put on some slippers - & give my cold feet a chance to warm up.
November is here -
clickety clack... my keyboard calls.


Carol said...

You can do it!

Lori-Dawn said...

Good for you Paige!! I will be praying for you lots this month as you write!

Anonymous said...

Oh Paige, this is in your blood. It's your DNA- you were born with it. I'll bet you could do double what your asked in this assignment! Just don't think about it and get writing!
Catch up with you when we get bk. We're both having a new adventure month!

Whatever you do, it will be enough:)


Jen said...

Go P Go!!!

Ha!! I just reread that and it says GO PEE!!! Heehee!

Tanya is my display name said...

Weird! The keyboard was calling me today too. And that is RARE for me!


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