Saturday, February 27, 2010

ooh baby, what you've done to me...

Kickin' it at the pool.
Well, i was sitting out on the side - watching - with tiny fresh Yum napping in my lap.
Neil was running with the littles, helping them wear off a little steam - we have been cooped up a little too much these days.
He walks past me trailing our feisty 5 year old on her way to the diving board... again ... & as he passes, just out of arms reach, he winks at me...

i feel like i'm 18 again... Remember when i was 18 & he bought me socks 'cause my feet were always cold? Yeh. That's love...

He pretends to shiver as he jogs past - & i can tell he's flirting with me.
Suddenly i've got Aretha thrumming through my veins & i glance over to the couple sitting next to me to see if they notice that this dang hot, handsomest man at the pool is flirting with me... but they're completely oblivious.
He trots away...
& i'm left -
Thank goodness i didn't drop the baby.


Mindy said...


Prvbs31Mama said...

ROFL, I love it!!!!
I wish Jamie saw the fun in flirting like this...instead of tickling me until I'm mad...sigh...some men just don't grow up...hehe


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