Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"i'm kind of excited for you to go 'over'." He grinned at me as we were getting ready for bed on Sunday night. "i'm not physically or mentally prepared yet for the baby to come..." He had a twinkle in his eye, daring me to respond, as he watched me limp into bed.
i know he's keeping my spirits up.
He's not the sympathetic type - i remember when our biggest baby was crowning, he leaned over & whispered in my ear, "It doesn't seem like you're in very much pain... are you?"
The other night, we were having a tubby & he said, "It will be nice when we have a little more room in here again, eh?" while grabbing my wobbly hips.
i burst out laughing, "You're really gonna go there with your 9months pregnant, hormonal wife??"
He cockily answered, "i can handle you..."
Neil teases.
It's how he says, "Are you still ok? You know i love you. Only a little longer..."
He has never been the compassionate, soft, emotional type of guy.
He makes me stronger... much to my annoyance sometimes when i feel like being a baby - & having someone take care of me.
But - as i lean into him, my impatience melts into his patience, my irritation disappears into his humour, any pain into his strength.
He's a keeper.

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