Monday, February 8, 2010

raspberry leaf tea - day 11

i haven't had a glass of it till yesterday. i normally drink it throughout the last part of my pregnancies, but this time - i just haven't bothered.
i brewed up a pot & drank it throughout the day.
"Mmmmmm, raspberry leaf tea!" Cai exclaimed, "i love that stuff..."
& she poured herself a glass...
"Mom, is it bad for me to drink this since it's herbal?"
"i don't think so - it's supposed to be good to tone your uterus, so it's probably good for you..."
"Good. i'm going to be using my uterus a lot in a few years."
Neil & i laughed & he said, "Maybe you won't even get married or have babies..."
She looked at him coldly, "Yes, daddy, maybe all my dreams will be shattered..."
& took a sip of her tea.
Neil looked chastened.


deborah said...

oh my, that is hilarious!

The Nieboer News said...

she is so adorable!

ah...i thought FOR SURE last night was the night :(

Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Get prepared "Granny Paige!"

Isobel says she's NOT having any babies because she doesn't want to change poopy diapers...

I guess it all depends what stage the girl is in...

Thanks for the smile this morning.

Saskatchewan Cousin

Molly said...

She is hilarious! I've been reading her blog, she's quite a writer! And FUNNY!

Prvbs31Mama said...

HAHAHA I love that girl!

Christine said...

So precious!

Erin said...

oh, how funny:)

mamazee said...

I love Cairo! She and i should be best friends :)...


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