Saturday, February 13, 2010

i saw you... day 16

So i went for my biophysical profile yesterday. We had decided to go that route just to make sure that all still looked in good working order.
i hate ultrasounds.
i know - strange - but i find them kind of invasive... i'll get one in pregnancy 'cause weighing the risks & benefits, we can see some of the good things that can come out of an ultrasound... but to have 2?
i declined at first - but my midwife asked me again last Wednesday if i would consider having a biophysical profile if i made it to Friday - & seeing as i have never gone this far past dates, i decided it wouldn't be a bad idea.
Sloanie (my company) & i had to get up early to get all the way up to the clinic in the North of the city for our 7:45 appointment. We ended up being really, really late because there was an accident on the deerfoot & we were at a dead stop for 20 minutes - but they got us in anyway.
My baby is a genius, because baby got a perfect score on that test.
Practicing breathing? check.
Adequate fluid? check.
Lots of movement? yoooouuuu betcha.
i phoned my midwife who had wanted to see me after the ultrasound to go over options - & she was so pleased with the results that she cancelled our appointment.
i came home feeling a little buoyed.
Another day... i can do another day... can't i? After all, we can't just go on in limbo forever... can we?

Oh baby - you were such a cutie. i caught just the shortest glimpse of your chubby cheeks... Sloanie said your lips looked like hers (big and full). You looked so sweet - and calm - and maybe like you have more faith than i do. You were so big that we could only see little parts of you at each time...
"That's baby's leg bone..."
"See that? That's a tiny stomach... bladder... spine..."
"Oh, look at that heart - beating away perfectly..."
The black and white blotches on the screen don't do you justice though, baby - i'm ready to see you in full, living colour. i'm ready to touch your sweet clingy fingers, to see those chubby cheeks, to kiss those full lips. Oh, sweet one, i'm ready to hold you in my arms - to inhale your apple scent & breathe a sigh of relief - that you're here, you're safe, we're done.
Tears come easily and frequently - but we're on the homestretch...
i can see the finish line...


Kali said...

Glad you got to have a little visit and that this babe is a star too :)

Melissa said...

in full, living color.... oh, paige, i'm so excited for you... it really can't be much longer now...

Lola said...

I just knew the baby would be just find and cozy in there. I'm so glad. He/she will be out soon. My guess is tonight.

Mindy said...

My heart is with you, Paige! Praying, praying...

Lesley said...

You'd just hate going to the midwife/obgyn here in Switzerland. I had an unltrasound every 2nd visit. Apparently, that is normal! What?! Oh, and I stick by Valentine's Day, V-Day. Victory, indeed. Lx

Prvbs31Mama said...

Never thought you'd go past my estimated due date of Feb 12th...I remember thinking I was cruel even to suggest that that was a possible due date...but all the good ones were taken
Hugs to you...I'm praying that baby gets impatient soon!

Lola said...

OK baby... knitting is done. You can come out now.


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