Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mollen, Your initials spell Mis B - & i called you that when you were just the tiniest kitten of a baby with soft dark hair & sweet smelling soft folds of baby flesh.
Today is a day for a repost. i just went and re read these posts that i dedicated to Moll's story - & the front of my dress is now soaked with tears. Read, or skip if you want.
The Mollen Years Part 1
The Mollen Years Part 2
The Mollen years remind me how grateful i am to have this opportunity to grow again - to have this little baby - to be a momma.
Mollen, you are the spunkiest little spitfire of a person. You have added unforeseen dimensions to our family & to me as a mother.
i find it impossible to express my thankfulness to God for the gift of your life.


Prvbs31Mama said...

Love reading about Moll's again! I really hope baby comes on my estimated due date! I seriously never thought you make it this far! I thought when I said the 12th that I was being absolutely ridiculous! Babe proved me wrong, eh!?
Blessings to you!

middie said...

I keep checking to see if babe's has come...I think i check your blog about 5 times a day...sorry that may sound ubber stalkerish...but I love reading your posts while I wait...mostly they make me cry...all Jesus blessing on you as you wait patiently for your babe's to come....

Shelly said...

Paige, I remember the first time I saw Mollen. I had taken a job in Belguim for the summer, working as a nanny and missed her being born, I was *so* sad to have left town just a week before she arrived. When I returned to college in the fall, and came to visit you, we sat on your couch and drank tea and I held Mollen for the entire afternoon, and she fell alseep in my arms. And as we were talking you looked so shocked, you said this was the first time she had ever laid so calmly in someone's arms and fallen asleep. I remember thinking that she was so sweet I couldn't imagine her being as colicky as you described. As the weeks and months followed, I came to see exactly what you meant. I had always thought Peyton was your loudest child, but some afternoons Molls gave her a run for her money! But for some reason, even with all the noise in the middle of our visits, Mollen has always had a special place in my heart - maybe because she was the only child of yours that I got to see you every week while you were pregnant, I was able to witness the journey before she was born and then see her grow after. Sweet Molls.


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