Monday, January 16, 2006

wow. The Canadian Diabetes Association phoned this morning to see if they could come and pick up any old clothes, or household items, and i said "i have to think about it". Now, i've given to them more times than i can count. Diabetes has affected our family in a very real way, but this morning in my devotions with the girls, we had prayed for God to reveal our sin to us. i hung up the phone and went to the computer. i knew what i was looking for and found so many articles showing the link and support between the Canadian Diabetes Association and embryonic stem cell research. i looked up Bill C-13 on the internet and as i read through lists of "prohibited" and "controlled" activities, my heart sank. i had been supporting an organization that showed a complete disregard for life at it's most fragile beginnings. Instead of being willing to die for our young, we're prepared to kill and cannibalize them for our benefit. Oh God, forgive my complacency. Forgive my hard heart. Help me to do what's right. Let my life bring glory to You.

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