Wednesday, January 4, 2006

oh, my pastor wanted me to change the whole thing, or suggested that i do... He thought it should be better organized... Here goes round 2. i prayed and i prayed and i decided that i would do whatever Pastor said regarding the letter... so i will try. He thought it should be more about the pill... etc... he gave me an interesting article from Christianity Today?? (the billy graham publication) that was very against the pill. He wants me to try to get copies of it to distribute when i give the book out with my letter...
right now, he doesn't agree with me... believes it's a matter of conviction.... so, that's where that is... i was a little disheartened. had a good conversation. Mollen pooped twice, so it was hard to concentrate! Why am i doing this? Seems like an exercise in frustration... but i want to obey... am i obeying or making up busy work for myself???

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