Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Guess what? He liked it and gave me 3 names to start with (sending it to) in the new year. The first one was the Lutheran pastor. He said it was well written. He also asked me to organize a "life affirming" Sunday in march or April... i had shown him my email to ctv and he loved it. He said he wanted stuff like that at the service to show people how the media inundates us with these anti life messages. i want you to help me brainstorm. i'm going to read Francis Schaeffer to help me prepare. He said he's curious as to how much brainwashing is going on in the church. (I think he would be shocked...) i reminded him that the brainwashing is not just coming from the secular media (i had given him that add from the Christian women's mag. about "donating" embryos). Pray with me and help me to notice things and see things and chop away the world and let Jesus be seen clearly.

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