Monday, January 16, 2006

Thanks for reminding me about the HP - and i know you're right about sticking to the hard line... and plus, once we "settle" for something like this (that FOTF tells us to rejoice about) - it makes it, i think, almost spiritually impossible for us to get any more... i.e. we lose moral authority.... then again, look at the huge inertia about abortion, too...


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i'm emailing you a link to a page that listed over 40 charities that supported that bill... it's *not* ok ~ & because we're not even talking about it in the church, in 10 years, Cairo will ask me "mom, why is embryonic stem cell research something that is condoned by the church? Why didn't your generation stand up and say anything about it back then?"
p.s. i'm not willing to say that it's ok at any stage, just to get legislation that protects *some*. They always want us to come to some sort of "compromise" in which we lose the whole battle because it becomes some sort of crazy "when does life begin?" question.. i'd rather just stand firm and say "it's *never* ok. Even if we get marginalized in the process ~ & even if it means we don't get any laws.

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Paige, you probably did write on this one - i know i did... And it wasn't as bad as it *could* have been... What charities condoned this? The thing is, they have to make legislation on it otherwise we're in the same situation as abortion - no laws at all... and at least a lot of stuff is prohibited, although they can still make babies to "show how" and then kill them, or make them to experiment on for 14 days... you're right... canada is sick... I remember Focus on the Family felt that we had had an influence - but they also said that with the no spanking law... and i felt that it was still an eroding factor on parental rights and responsibility...


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Oh, Steph... this is horrible. The government gave up control... and i didn't write one letter back then.... or do one thing. i've donated to charities who have condoned and supported this atrocity... i just did some reading today and am totally convicted.
How could i be so lazy?

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