Friday, January 6, 2006

Stephanie's response to Annie Crawford's blog about Above Rubies:)
Hi Annie - i love that you are willing to read and then analyze and then debate :) - I think your problem with the FQ mindset is that you see the most rabid expression... You can see that some of Nancy Campbell's points are perhaps interpreted too forcefully (and i have the books, and have to agree about some of the ones you chose to quote) - however, just because a Bible verse doesn't refer *only* or *primarily* to physical fruitfulness, doesn't mean that it doesn't refer to physical fruitfulness *at all*. The way i see the FQ lifestyle (and we're not 100% there, either - i'm expecting my sixth child, and my husband, as always, is threatening that this is really the last time :)... but i kind of doubt it - he is turning into a real softy daddy) - it's an extension of a metaphor that is a beacon of light in our culture. Christ and the Church - fruitfulness from intimacy. Do we want intimacy without the fruit? Sometimes it seems we do, with overwhelming displays of public worship, concerts, Bible studies, and precious little service to those around us, and especially to our own brothers and sisters... There is something masturbatory about that kind of religious experience, and those outside the church instinctively recoil from a faith that isn't lived out. In the same way, a marriage reflects this union of Christ and His Church - and the intimacy of the marriage is reflected in the fruit that results. It's a beautiful parable, and an opportunity for sharing about what life in Christ *should* be... not just about having babies, but about being willing to sacrifice sometimes, to be inconvenienced, to *not* be in the spotlight, so that He can grow His beautiful fruit in our lives, while we remain in a hidden place, learning patience, self control, kindness, gentleness. This view of FQ also, i believe, gives one interpretation to that vexatious verse about women "being saved through childbirth" - we are saved through the birth of Jesus, but i think oftentimes God uses our experiences as mothers to purify and refine us, as we learn to listen to His voice to raise the little ones HE has trusted us with...

I love that you are reading and thinking and i'd love to hear any comments you have (or any errors you find!) ...

much love, stephanie

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