Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings...
The fat lady's singin' :)
Newpro Wanham is informing the employees today that it is shutting down. Keep us in your prayers as we seek God's direction. Neil will still have work for a bit (it'll be a big process to shut down properly and possibly auctioning off etc...) and he won't get his severance if he doesn't stick it out till the end, so there are timing issues at play in this process. We are not discouraged or worried and i'm hoping Neil will get a chance to work in a company that is not struggling to survive! That would be nice! It has been really neat in my prayer life since Thursday night, every time i would begin to pray, i could hear in my head "The Lord Reigns" and i would pray for Neil or my family, or this country and i would hear before every person and item on my prayer list "The Lord Reigns". i think now that maybe He was preparing me for yesterday and i feel comforted by the fact that He is Lord of my life, and Lord over these circumstances. While praying with Cai and Sloan yesterday i told them that i felt that Jesus was saying to me "I am King" and Sloanie quoted "He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords" and Cairo quoted after her "and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers." i didn't know that verse, but they told me it's in Revelation 17:14. This also is confirmation that He hears our prayers and He is in control.:) God is good.

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