Wednesday, January 4, 2006

i had a couple of moments this morning that i wish i would remember for when i'm in the nursing home, but i think before my head hits the pillow tonight, they'll be gone. i was folding the laundry this morning and i pulled out this huge long pair of track pants... they're Cairo's... it was just so amazing to think that i am the momma of this beautiful young lady and i felt so incredibly blessed by a silly pair of track pants. Then, i was sweeping out under my bed. i had to laugh as Mollen was lying down on the floor beside my bed (she was almost ready for morning nap, but she also was down there to see what i'd sweep out.) Besides the dust bunnies, there was a tiny horse, a piece of lego, a little bath ducky and a baby barrette. Again, i thought how lucky i am to have the little people that collect all these little things. i love when you're doing nothing out of the ordinary, and God puts your life in perspective and all you feel is grateful.

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