Wednesday, January 4, 2006

email in response to ctv's news story on the morning after pill...

I was so deeply disappointed with your segment on "contraception concerns" tonight on the news. My first concern was with the title of the segment. The drug in question was *not* by it's scientific description, a contraceptive drug. It was the "morning after" pill, which is by definition an abortaficient drug. Secondly, the story focused only on a woman's 'right' to access this drug without answering any questions whatsoever and also reiterated the myth that this is a completely safe drug. There was not one mention of the women who have died using this drug, or who have experienced guilt and depression and other mental and physical side effects that *can* occur from using this drug. Nor was there any rebuttal from anyone without a pro-choice agenda as to the reasoning behind getting a history before distributing the drug. Your news team proved itself unabashedly one-sided and uninformed on this issue. If it is at all possible, i would welcome a response to this email.

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