Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 3:53
Well, i'm home.
i'm trying to think of how that went.
My first thought was great, but then i started thinking of all that i said that was "paige" and not "God" and so i prayed that the seeds of the good stuff would take root, and that any of the weeds that i planted would wither and die.
After about 45 seconds of listening in silence, he started taking notes and asking questions. Then he asked me to bring him any information i had (i had brought all those books, so i just pulled everything out) ~ Then he asked me if i had a "pamphlet" ??! So, i said "no" and he said "i just can't see someone picking up and reading a book like this, you need something succinct to get their attention". Then he asked if he could keep all the stuff i brought and if i would call him in 2 weeks to meet again. He prayed before and after we talked.
The thing that i think got his attention was what i had said about there being a lot of depression in my peer group. i guess the church had a 'concert of prayer' while we were at the above rubies retreat and at that time, they had a prayer time to pray for healing. He said it was like popcorn, all the people battling depression. We talked for about 45 minutes...

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