Wednesday, January 4, 2006

well, it's new years, so i called Pastor Brian... the second name on my list of names from Pastor Lyndon. He is the pastor of a really cool country church out by Webster Road, close to Sexsmith. He offered to come to my house as he was going that way and brought 2 of his little homeschooled girls with to play with mine. The discussion went pretty much as the discussion went with Pastor Lyndon. He was encouraging and prayed with/for me at the end. He didn't agree with everything, but was sort of open and was a kind listener. He told me that his church is looking at what they can do for teen moms. i told him about Lindsay and he agreed that we need to do more to be a community of believers who help mamma's keep their babies... i also printed off my testimony that i sent to Melody Green... don't know what he'll think of that. Well, 2 more names and then it's back to pastor lyndon... meanwhile, still taking notes for the 'life affirming sunday'. Love you!

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