Tuesday, February 21, 2012

in the quiet

i've been quieter lately.  i've been getting in trouble from friends & family for neglecting to return emails or texts.  i fight the inescapable desire to ignore incoming calls & my blog folder is exploding with unpublished drafts. 
The beads of silence are even surrounding me in my own house - & i find i like it. 
i know it seems like kind of a morose thing to cut yourself off a little... & honestly, i do feel guilty - because people are important & the gentle probing questions of the ones i love shouldn't go unanswered... but i feel like i'm in those in between moments - you know those moments between wake and sleep?  Where you're neither asleep, nor completely awake.  It's kind of a blissful place - a little foggy and interesting and confusing.  i like it.
But... even if a little reprieve is ok... there comes a time to wrestle out of it. 
It's just that learning makes me so insecure and tired :) 
40 days for life begins tomorrow.  i'm gearing up to blog over there for the whole 40 days.  If you would like to contribute to that blog, or participate at the prayer vigil, be sure to let me know. 
Waking up... getting the sleep out of my eyes now... pressing on. 

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