Saturday, February 4, 2012

Health Care Charities

Quite the week with all the uproar on the web about the Susan G. Komen Foundations supposed pull, then not pull - of funds to Planned Parenthood. 
i'll be honest here:  i'm obviously not a fan of Planned Parenthood - but here's the naked truth... i'm also not usually a fan of health care charities either.  Neil & i made a decision several years ago to be extremely careful about donating funds to health care charities in light of their overwhelming support & lobbying of government for embryonic stem cell research. 
Don't get me wrong... i want to see a cure for cancer, for diabetes, for kidney disease... i don't want to see my family or friends suffer with illness and death... but i think the creation and destruction of tiny innocent lives is too great a cost. 
i do. 
& i'm sorry if that seems cruel or sanctimonious... i know that a lot of people would roll their eyes at a statement like that, but when we begin to weigh the value of one human life against another, we've just gone too far. 
Apparently, the SGK Foundation had decided this past November to stop funding embryonic stem cell research centers too - & this seems to me to be an indication that there are more people like Neil & i - who are choosing to be careful about health care charities until health care charities are willing to be more careful about created life. 
This isn't political, it's a discussion about who we want to be as a society - and what kind of culture we're creating to pass down to our little ones. 
Each life is precious.  The little girl battling cancer, the unwanted child in the womb, the elderly man who has lost his will to live, and the teenager who is so depressed that he's begging to die.  Let's not become a culture that applauds killing in the name of comforts or cures... It's shameful to be so passionate about the pain of one human being that we advocate the destruction of another...

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