Monday, January 2, 2012

The Baby

Ephraim is kind of incredible. 

Gagey is turning into this gentle giant - a sweet manly soul who is, at 3,  growing so quickly to be like his big brother.

Ephraim... is littler & feisty.  He's funny and he knows it - he likes to pick fights, raise one eyebrow when he's doing something silly, and loses the latch on his soother as he suck, sucks it with a goofy grin on his face.

This Saturday, it was just the three of us.  Neil took the other 5 skiing & i was at home with my bonus boys.  They played, hid, wrestled (ephraim won because gage is bigger & won't hurt the 'baby').  We snuck out & bought chicken pot pies for when the skiers would come home.  After unpacking our few groceries, i turned to unpack my tiny son.  Gage had already stripped off his sweater and his shoes and left them in a pile by the door - but mr. enormous blue eyes was still standing there waiting for me.

i pulled his tiny lace up shoes off his tiny baby feet... i picked them up with one hand, grabbing my own shoes with the other... realizing fully in that moment, that one day, his shoes will dwarf mine.  i slipped off his hoodie that matches his big brother's and hung them both in the closet... & then... i pulled that tiny boy into my arms.  i let his dandelion hair tickle my face as he nuzzled closer into my neck.  i carried him up the stairs and put him in my bed. 

Within minutes, he was asleep. 

Oh baby... what have you done to me, with your impish laugh and your brilliant, hopeful eyes?  How could it be that any would think the words, "too many, too much," when it comes to such an incredible prize? 

i would fight to the death for this little scrap of man... teeth bared with my final breath... i would sell all we own to keep this tiny prince... any cost is just a pittance when i compare it with the bountiful riches he brought with him when he was yet naked in the womb...


mamalena said...

I like him too...hehe...

Laura said...

your words leave me breathless and teary eyed. beautiful, roaring mama. beautiful.

Sara L said...

I've been so busy, I haven't had time to catch up... But this post is screaming the same message as my heart! I love it, you said it so very well! Wake up world, you have no idea what you're missing out on!!


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