Friday, January 13, 2012

7 quick takes - vol. 4

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 160)

1. Charter wants to buy a mixer for his wife on their first anniversary.  He's 9.  Is he the only 9 year old boy in the world who was thinking about his future wife today?  He asked me to remind him in 10 years... This blog post will have to do.  To Charter's future wife:  i love you already for picking & being picked by my sweet son... he thinks of you often & so do i. 

2. i want to ask more questions about the controversy in prolife circles around gestational law in Canada - but people feel so passionately for or against that it's hard to ask questions without stirring up bad feelings.  There are a lot of issues like this in life (where people can't/won't discuss them) & that's just too bad. 

3. i realized that i'm not a real 'theology' girl... i'm sorry if it makes it seem like i'm dropping the ball on that one.  i love & admire & i'm grateful to people who dig for truth in theological arguments & the roots of words & the intended & perceived meanings behind them... but it's not usually the first thing on my radar. 

4.  Neil will probably spend more nights away than home in January.  Ephraim doesn't love how much room we have in our big king sized bed without him, so he sleeps on my head.  It works for him, but me, not so much. 

5. My sister Jess asked me the other day how i feel about that first line in the song Hear Our Praises... it's "may our homes be filled with dancing"... i told her that i love that line... i love it and it makes me weep and jump and give thanks... i think it's a part of my new desire to intentionally change my posture in times of prayer... Speaking of which... it's Friday again.    Meet me, Father...

6.  Uh oh... i know i'm slow getting to the game, but (shame faced) i think i'm starting to like twitter.  i KNOW i'm supposed to like pinterest, but i like to wait till things are nerdy, so i'll see you there in a few years... if any of you are nerdy like me, and are still on twitter, my handle is @neillvspaige.

7.  Can i share a blog with you?  This is someone i don't know personally, but his blog has been a blessing to me since i discovered it... Homosexuality is a huge issue in this day & age & Steve Gershom has chosen to so hilariously, bluntly, honestly - & sometimes with aching beauty - share his journey as a catholic man who struggles with same sex attraction.  His blog inspires this straight, protestant stay at home mom... The Body amazes me.  (For those of you who would be put off by the title, 'catholic, gay and feeling fine' - i'd just want to clarify that his approach to his SSA is biblical & God honouring.... not typical...)


farm_girl_4_jesus said...

Thanks for sharing that blog, Paige. Looking forward to seeing you next week!!

paige said...

Us too, Emma!!
&yeh, when I first discovered his blog, I had to read for pages and pages and pages... There is a lot of good discussion in the comments sections too. One of my current favorites for sure.

Carol said...

Yes, I think Charter would be one of few 9 year old boys thinking about his future wife today! How sweet about the blender!


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