Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tim Tebow

Awhile ago, our pastor did a sermon series on 'suburban myths about God' (sorry, Brad, i don't remember the exact clever title you used :) ... & i don't remember all of them, but i'm fairly certain that one of them was, "if i'm a Christian i'm never supposed to experience any pain..."  (or something along those lines..)
Honestly?  i don't even watch football... is that the game THIS GUY plays? 
i just find it funny that people think that if Tim Tebow's team loses, that proves God doesn't exist...  that God wasn't "rooting for him" - that God blinked, got distracted, missed the ball...  Do they think that Tim Tebow sits there, astounded, that the God of the universe didn't let him make his play?  i don't...
& i know... they're only joking.  Poking fun like the media likes to do with Christians these days... but i wonder - how many of us think the very same silly things about our circumstances? 
i've been reading a lot of stories of suffering lately - & not the, "i lost a football game" kind of suffering either - the kind of suffering that involves death or betrayal, heartbreak and loss of freedom.... & it's funny - 'cause you'd think that their suffering would be something filthy to them, something to be covered, buried, done away with, ignored... but it's not.  i've found that many, if not most people look at their suffering as riches, treasures, jewels that couldn't be acquired at any other price. 
THIS scripture (one of my favourites... i wonder how many times i've linked to it on bible gateway?) talks about how suffering ultimately leads to hope...
& i've sure found that to be true. 
So next time i'm floundering in the muck, i'll press in a little deeper, love a little harder, and persevere...
'cause... He sees me. 
& His hope does not disappoint.


Lesley said...

I hadn't heard about this! I can't believe that people think that either! Some people will try any way to spread their poison and try and tarnish something beautiful like faith.

At our church on Sunday the message was about resting in God's sovereignty and trusting even when things don't go our way. That we don't see the big picture.


Torah-Lovin' Mama said...

I saw a funny cartoon on facebook, Tim Tebow was making a touchdown and was saying in his mind "this one's for you Jesus" and then it shows Jesus watching a hockey me it put things into perspective...what do we waste our time doing??? lol


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