Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes 3rd edition

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1. i think i will keep on for 15 on Friday... for now... prayer seems to be a covering, and i need Him. 

2. i'm completely smitten with my littles lately... (Can i still call Sloanie a 'little one' even though she's a good 2 inches taller than her mama?)  Lately, my arms have ached to hold them more, to talk more in depth - to explain my heart & to mother.  These desires must be a gift from God... & i'm so grateful. 

3. We are stepping into the New Testament after a long sojourn in the Old.  i sure love that book... i love how it never changes, but i do - & so there's always something new for me.

4.  Every time i find "Fruit Loops" on my shopping list, it's spelled differently.  This week, it was "Furot Loups".  i wonder when they will take the hint & quit writing it on there? 

5.  We're starting the Narnia Chronicles... again... i'm excited. 

6.   i ordered a book on abe books. i figured if it's a complete waste of time, i only wasted $1... plus shipping.  It's called The Altruistic Personality.  Apparently it studies the familial background among those who became 'rescuers' during the Holocaust of WW2 - how did their parents raise them?  Why were they different from the passive majority?  (i'll take 7 of those kinda children, please...)

7.  i have been blogging an awful lot of drafts lately...  *sigh*...  


Jen said...

1. I love that you are keeping on with the 15 on Friday. Most people who do things for a length of time are ready to celebrate that it's 'finally' over! :)

2. I'm going to pray for those desires. Not that I don't love and cuddle my littles, I just want it more.

3. I've been reading Hosea since our text chat the other day :) and then I'm going to read that chapter in '66 Love letters'. Then maybe read it again in different translations...

4. I hate fruit loops, but furot loups might be good!

5. I LOVE the Narnia Chronicles!! have you seen the original movies?! The BBC(?) ones?! In my opinion they are WAY better then the new ones.

6. Sounds like a good book. I should read it too!

7. I haven't even been blogging any drafts so you are WAY ahead of me :) But I just basically wrote a whole blog post here so I'll take that as progress....and maybe I'll go write one of these posts too....I like jot note kinda posts :)

paige said...

j, what is '66 love letters'? & are you talking about that Hosea 2 - about 'leading her into the wilderness & speaking tenderly to her?' Love our text chats :) So fun.
i haven't seen the bbc narnia ones. My kids were totally disappointed with the new one & refuse to watch anymore. They are die hards :)
& you're awesome for doing a quick takes... They're kinda fun every once in awhile :)

Jen said...

66 Love letters is a book written by a guy (Dr. Larry Crabb) and basically he takes each chapter in the bible and has a dialogue with God about it - explaining it and making it more personal. It isn't a read straight through kinda book but more of something you would us along side your bible reading. I like it (easier for my non poetic brain ;)
Your kids would LOVE the old school Narnia movies. I was very disappointed in the new ones too. They are almost word for word from the book and they are just waaaay better. I'll send you a link!

deborah said...

I'm SOOO curious about the book. Please let me know what you think of it after you read it..and if it's worth reading!

Joy said...

Quick takes!! What a great list, cuddles, prayers and good books!

paige said...

J, that sounds like a neat resource! I'll have to check it out... I have a really hard time understanding parts of the bible too ;)

Deb- I'll totally let you know. I just ordered it, so it'll probably take awhile to get it.

Joy- thanks for introducing me to conversion diary! Hehe!


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