Saturday, January 21, 2012

7 quick takes vol. 5

1. Remember when the internet slang for your husband was DH?  & now it's, "the hubs"?  Neil fits neither handle.  But sometimes, we write each other notes (ok, mostly me) & we only address them, "husband" or "wife". 

2.  Was reminded again this week that you can't compare or measure griefs.  i was reading the comments on a blog written by a girl in her 20's whose parents divorced a couple months after she got married... Many of the comments consisted of, "get over yourself", or "move on"... i think i get why she couldn't just yet.  That's like my kids telling me when we get in the van to drive to BC to, "BEEEE at Gammy & Gampies!!"  Trust me, sometimes you'd like to magically get where you're going, but until we have Star Trek transporter beams, we're gonna be stuck going the slow route...

3.  Neil has only been home for 7 days in January (& those were not in a row) - & i'm not expecting him home for another week.  Actually he's only scheduled to be home for 10 days total this month. Technology is a pretty amazing thing... we're grateful for it. 

4.  Cai wants to read the Harry Potter books so that she's culturally literate :)  She says she misses jokes sometimes because kids her age all reference that series - so we're reading them at the same time.  i like my teens.  We were both a little surprised that we thought the books were a little lame tho (on book 3 now)... i was expecting more (better, more creative writing?) from such a controversial series :)   

5.  Cai came home from church on Sunday & said;
"Mom - heads up: If you hear anyone talking about a poll about teens and their parents, i want you to know how i voted.  They asked us 2 questions.  If we found ourselves needing advice 1. who would we go to first - friends, parents, teacher/coach or google... and 2.  whose advice would mean the most to us out of those same options...  i voted parents both times." 
Neil chimed in, "Don't you mean, 'mom' both times?" 
"Nope - i mean parents."

6.  We just finished watching my friend's daughter for 2 weeks.  She's 5, so fit nicely into her own little niche in our family.  i like her.  She's crazy funny & cute. 

7.  40 days for life starts in 1 month.  This brings up so many emotions in me... i pray for an end to abortion year round, not only during the 40 days - but during those 40 days, there is a concerted effort by prolifers around the world to unite in prayer for those little ones who are lost because their mother's find themselves in a crisis, and our culture has failed to teach better.  (Kill the crisis, not the child).  At the same time... & this sounds silly to me... but i feel attacked during the 40 days on a very personal spiritual level.  i feel vulnerable & weak right now & it has left me utterly dependent on my Good Father.  i know i'm safe when i'm where He wants me (& i know He wants me involved in 40 Days) - & so i'll intentionally leave the personal attacks in the hands of My Defender - & continue to pray for the little lives that are taken daily in our country and around the world.  i'll continue to bring this horrible injustice to my Father - who is perfectly just.   If you want to get involved, message me - or follow our blog here:

ps - i realize it's saturday... i'm a little slow pokish these days.


Minerva said...

Paige--allow me to reiterate: Harry Potter gets better and better as it goes along. 3 and 7 are my favorites. I don't understand why they are considered "controversial;" I have to think that most of those who have that opinion haven't read the books. They are about the power of love and community triumphing over evil. How is that anti-Christian?

paige said...

Well, there are certainly elements in them that i don't love... but i'm currently on the 3rd one, so i'll wait till i'm done the whole thing :) & in TOTAL honestly... i'm crazy grateful to have some jr. high fiction to distract me from brewing & stewing in my mind right now :)

i do like when an author takes an idea & then develops it & makes the following books grow with their ideas. i thought Anne of Green Gables was an excellent example of that - her writing got more complex as she continued through the series & the final book is just a heartbreaking glimpse at how the war tore at the people living in PEI... Just beautifully written.
My girls (who are a little behind me) compared Harry Potter to those Rick Riordan books (percy jackson?) - but said that they liked the background of greek mythology better than witches & warlocks.

Lesley said...

Ah, Harry Potter! Love, love, love, love LOVE. Not since Anne of Green Gables and some Roald Dahl
(I read as a pre-teen) books was my imagination captured in a lovely, childlike, whimsical fashion.
I didn't know they were controversial at first either but I lived with a bunch of theological students in England and one of them had a book called, "why every Christian should read Harry Potter" or something like that. It was a tiny little book about the importance of not avoiding books like this...wish I could remember more of what it said.
Anyway, they are not for everyone:-)

Lesley said...

My bestie is the middle school librarian at the school where I work and she is always recommending books to me as I seem to like the middle school/high school level books. Here are the ones I finished recently and would recommend for YOU if you are looking to get distracted.

Trash by Andy Mulligan
A beautiful story about trashboys in india discovering a bag full of money

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
(I read the whole series and loved it but think it is a high school level book as there is murder involved) The discussions that my friends and I had after reading this series were incredible.

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
It is a book about two friends who stop spending time together and then one of them receives notes warning her of the future. It has references to A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'engle.

Oh I could talk books ALL day. I could read ALL day!!

Some more from my friend's list that I have not read and so have no personal experience with but are on the 'Battle of the Books' list at school:

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine (apparently it makes people cry)
Serendipity Market by Penny Blubaugh
Chasing Lincoln's Killer (adult version is called Manhunt) by james Swanson



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