Friday, January 27, 2012

7 quick takes vol. 6

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 162)

1.  So many guesses, but only one WHOOO HOOO to award... & knowing the lyrics doesn't matter because apparently we don't know them either :)  Here is Neil's email:
One more night!! Give me one more night, just one more night, cause I can't live without you!!!! 
Big WOO HOOOO going out to Melissa.  (He was coming home in one more night :)  hehe. 

2.  There are so many women whose husbands are gone as much or more than mine... i really want to be able to encourage them.  There are a lot of hard things about what we do - & sometimes we make an easy target for the enemy.  i've been wrestling with this one for a while now.  Maybe i'll try to get some of those thoughts into a few posts if i can get them down with any clarity.  Neil will only be home 10 days in January... & he grinned at me by the fire this morning, "& February's not lookin' good..."  So, it'll likely be on my mind a lot in the next while...

3.  Cai had a rough week - she had exams all week (that i'm sure she rocked out on) & she lost her purse that had $60 of hard earned babysitting money in it, plus her learners licence... and all manner of other important items... Now she can't find her guitar capo.  Sometimes don't you wish you could spare your kids even those little agonies?  Like the agony of a tough week?  She crossed her skinny arms and put on a fake pout when i got home yesterday and moaned, "i'm in a mood."  Cuteness. 

4.  i took Sloanie out for coffee the other day... She ordered a medium hot chocolate with white whip.  That's good to know. 

5.  It's almost time for the bonus boys' birthdays.  i have a couple of little things stashed away, and the in-laws are coming to celebrate with us.  Not one day goes by that i don't feel a rush of gratitude for these little ones.  Not one. 

6.  i think the root issue of pro-life is the belief that "human life has inherent value". The opposing side has the belief that "human life has value if..." This is so helpful to look at it in such simple terms. 

7.  i think God loves beauty - because He made us to respond to beauty. 


Melissa said...

HA HA HA!! Not bad for a girl who has likely never heard a single Phil Collins song in her life! I can't believe I actually got that one!

Loving these 7 Quick Takes... I might have to steal that button... :)

Joy said...

Sorry for Cai's rough week.
Happy weekend!!


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