Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Need some new music?

Remember when i wrote my book? 
In a moment of rare confidence, we made the order of books to distribute. 
& i felt my cheeks turn crimson & blinked back tears of shame, my confidence completely gone, as that box of books came through the door. i could hear the voice of the accuser in my ear saying, "Who's gonna want to read that anyway?  You're kind of dumb... "
& my children squealed and ran to get a knife to open that box & pull out all those glossy copies... & i groaned... sick to my stomach. 
& then my friend Lisa emailed me... "Can i come by & pick up a book?  Tonight?"
& she came... like a little bustling Hero up my steps & into my house.  She shoved ten bucks in my hand & grinned at me, "i can't wait to read it!  Seeya!"
& just like that... my first copy walked out the door. 
Over the next weeks, friends and family picked up copies & gradually, that big box emptied & finally i sold the last of them & had to order more...
Anyway, all this to say... that writing... (this blog & my little book)... takes every ounce of courage that i possess. 
i know...
i'm not very courageous. 
& i might have just crumbled if friends hadn't come along... & cheered for me... when i was too shy to put myself out there.  Bloggy friends reviewed my book & organized give aways.  Others surprised me by posting reviews on Amazon & still others wrote me heartfelt encouraging notes. 
Putting yourself out there is scary... Some people... (maybe most people?!)... won't like whatever it is you've created.
& it's so hard to lay your soul bare & hear, "meh..." in response.   Sometimes you don't even want to take the risk. 
This year, friends of mine - Dave & Janna McPhee put themselves out there & created something - music full of truth... & a good, heaping, (pressed down, shaken together and running over) measure of beauty too. 
i'm so glad they did.  It's so good, so honest, so encouraging & edifying. 
i wanna share it with you.   
You can check it out HERE. 
(or i bought my copy on itunes)... & can i say... that if you don't want to risk buying the whole album on my say so :)  that my favourite song lately has been How Beautiful.
(They have a facebook page too, if you 'like' that kind of thing ;)  HERE). 

Anyway... artists, musicians, writers... mamas who aren't paid, but blog anyway, people who try to create beauty (& the ones who succeed amazingly, like Dave & Janna)... this is me, tipping my hat to you.  i know how freaking hard it is.  Be faithful in sharing what He gives you to share.  Play for the audience of ONE when nobody listens, nobody reads, nobody sees, because this world can always use a little more truth and beauty.   
My mom always said there were 2 kinds of people; those who create & those who tear down.  i wanna be counted among those who build up & create... The company here is fabulous. 

ps - nobody asked me to review this album, i'm just sharing it 'cause it has been meeting a cry in my heart lately & i'm grateful for it. 

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