Tuesday, January 17, 2012

giving birth

"Ah!!  Oh MY!!! OOhhhh, OhHH DEARRRR!!"  i hear the loud falsetto voice as my seven year old climbs the stairs.  It increases in volume and intensity as she gets nearer to me and finally she bursts into the room where Gagey and i are snuggling and throws herself on my bed.  She has something under her shirt and her arm is flung across her forehead. 
"I'M GIVING BIRRRRRTH!!!" She trills, her voice rising to unearthly pitches. 
"Go give birth in your room." i say flatly. 
"Dad's not gonna be impressed." Cai adds. 
"OOHHHhhhhh!!!!  HERE comes my BABYYYYYY!!!" She sings, ignoring our discouraging comments, thoroughly engaged in her performance.  She pulls up her shirt and pops out a little plastic container with several toys inside. 
"Oh, thank goodness my baby was born in a bucket so there's no slobber all over it."  she chirps, jumping up & wandering off. 
Yes.  Thank goodness for that.


stephanie said...

Oh how funny!! My seven year old goes into the closet with a pillow under her tummy and comes out with a baby! Love them so much.

Lesley said...

Slobber. Love it.

lovefam6 said...

Buahahaha! Love your kids!


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