Friday, April 29, 2011

What's Happenin'

* So... i have been working a little on my "Reviews for _40 Weeks_" tab at the top of my blog. i'm hoping to be adding to it in the next couple of months, so keep checking back - but considering the book has only been available for about three weeks now, i'm *so* blessed by the positive response.

* My friend Jen is hosting her first giveaway in honour of Mother's Day & the prize is a copy of _40 Weeks_ - go check it out if you're interested!

* i'm speaking at a ladies' event (a chocolate buffet no less) at McKenzie Towne Church in SE Calgary on Friday, May 6th at 7pm. Come one, come all... but only if you're a girl.

*Maybe some of you noticed the button on the left hand corner of my blog... Circle of Moms is putting together a list of the top 25 homeschool blogs. As i scrolled through the list of many, many blogs, i found a few gems - such a fun little treasure hunt! If you wanna vote for me, but don't feel like scrolling all the way through to find me, here's a direct link!
(ps - you're allowed to vote once a day until it closes on May 11th!)


Sara L said...

I want to comment on so many posts... so many thoughts, so little time... haha, anyways, I voted! :D

fawne said...

and paige you should also add that you can vote for your blog ONCE PER DAY!!!!
i will be doing that. :-)

paige said...

aw, fawne - you are the best :) i'm so embarrassed 'cause i put on my blog description, "i'm a eclectic" - haha - i'm glad you'll vote for me anyway :)
Thanks for the vote, Sara!

Lori-Dawn said...

sweet! didn't know I could vote more than once! Glad you put the details about May 6th! Gonna try to be there, and get Jamie to handle Erev Shabbat on his own!! LOL

Jen said...

Oooh P! Your blog is totally moving up the list! You are only 1/2 way down now!
And I found 'why' you wrote a book on your FAQ. You are way ahead of me :)


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