Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three is when...

The punchline to every joke is, "poo".
Your biggest burn is to say furiously, "You're NOT awesome!!" closely followed by the old standby insult, "You're a toilet!"
Your best weapon during a wrestling match is to giggle, "i fart."
You only allow those you love the very best to wipe your bum, "NOOOOOO!!! i want SLOANIE do it!!!" It is an honour to be chosen.
If you find something tedious, you yawn, "This makes me boring."
When mama whispers, "i sure love my baby boy..." you feel the need to remind her, "i not your baby. i Gagey. Ephyum your baby."


Vanessa said...

Aww!! This made me giggle... and cry.... sooo sweet!! :)

Marcy said...

Love that! So true on all accounts. I'm going to have to remember that wrestling tip. LOL!

Alicia said...

I have to say, 3 is pretty darn amazing and special.

Lori-Dawn said...

awww, such a darling!


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