Monday, April 18, 2011

homeschool convention in point form

* There's a deliberate fractioning of homeschoolers that is palpable at the convention - i find this a most disheartening part of the convention *every single time* i go.
* The best part of the convention is seeing my sisters - hands down.
* i met a blog reader who encouraged me in a huge way.
* i got rid of 4 copies of my book.
* i only bought from 2 booths. i bought: a second hand I Spy book & some colouring books & a pencil sharpener - i know... 'hey, big spender...'
* e was kinda high strung. i thought he'd be so mellow 'cause he'd have me all to himself, but it didn't work out that way. He slept well though, so i'll take that!
* My sisters both brought their oldest child... made me miss Cai & wish i had brought her along.
* i love seeing women in their 40's who are expecting babies... i don't see that very often in real life... but at the alternate universe of homeschool convention, it's pretty common - as are daddies wearing Ergos & gangly teens looking after their teeny baby sisters.
* i met a homeschool mama whose daughter chose the same school that Cai would like to attend for her post secondary education - her daughter's success in the career of her choice encouraged me.
* Mama being away for a night makes for a more *energized* (to put it kindly) monday morning - so i'll have to end this now before my house falls apart.


Lola said...

sounds like fun. My friend Sara Lynn calls it the jean dress convention. That makes me laugh. I wish I could have gone.

paige said...

Your friend Sara Lynn was he *encourager*! What a treat to meet her.

Alisdair said...

Can you explain what you mean by "a deliberate fractioning??" Having never been to a homeschool convention ... and being a novice at the whole thing, I don't "get" what you're trying to say. Thanks!

Sara L said...

Oh hey! It was so cool to meet you too Paige!! Lola, there was lots you would have liked about it. We could have giggled about all the jean dresses and sneakers too... ha!

Paige, the separation you were talking about sits really funny with me. It's so strange. I just don't get why it's such a big deal.

Anyways, I did learn lots of great stuff. I think I might try out teaching textbooks for math this year too...

Lesley said...

I would LOVE to go to this convention! Education is my PASSION. I am a teacher but if I lived in Canada, I think I would be homeschooling (at least, I'd like to think so). Did you know it is illegal to homeschool your children in Switzerland? You have to either be a real honest-to-goodness Gypsy or be a family of circus performers. No, I am not joking.

Melissa said...

I'm curious about the fractioning, too!!

You *are* a big spender - hee hee!

I know a woman who is in her 40's, homeschools, somehow knows Jess (same church, maybe?)... and is having a baby. maybe you met her there, too!!


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