Thursday, April 14, 2011

what do i have to say?

i got asked to speak at two ladies functions. One is in late November - & even though it's so far off, i have been thinking about it a lot. The other i just said yes to last night... & it's the first week in May.
i'm not a super confident, know what i wanna say & i say it clearly & concisely type girl... i find that my mind often goes blank when i try to speak during the music time at church when i'm leading. Even my prayers become two word pleas, "Oh God..." The thought of speaking to a bunch of women (even though they're an encouraging, loving bunch) terrifies me. i homeschool, but teaching has never been my gifting.
But - i *do* wanna say 'yes'... if my Father has something He'd like me to say.
Some of you have known me forever... or at least for a long time.
If you were going to hear me share something - from my life, story, or passions...
What would you like it to be?


Jen said...

Oh wow, you have SO much to share! How to narrow it down is the tough part! ;)
I think sharing about how you open yourself up to Gods leading and how he has used you and has blessed you through it!
I think talking about your passions would be awesome and probably 'easy' (easier?) for you. Your marriage, your kids, prolife, loss....
it's all good... :)
Wish I could come listen. AND I think you should be the speaker at Walk to Remember - instead of the hopeless message that is usually shared.

fawne said...

i haven't known you that long but something about you that has impacted me greatly is your marriage. i LOVE the way you keep loving...against all odds. i don't think there's a lot of women who know how to do that....epecially when faced with BIG issues.
i also love how you've learned to trust the Father's heart. you know that one blog post...but if not...(you put it in your book too...which i'm thrilled about cause it's my favorite of all your me goose bumps) i think that whole..learning how to deal with fears is a huge issue for many people and i believe you have so much to teach others in that area.
there's so much more. but these two areas stand out huge in my mind.
you're going to do have the Spirit of God.

Lisa said...

I agree with Jen and Fawne. You have such a heart for our Father, that I don't think you can go wrong no matter what you say. But what I do love best about you is that you don't judge because you know its not your place, and I think it would be nice if you could somehow share about that. And share the importance of women supporting other women. But again, it will be good if it comes from your heart. :)

Anonymous said...

How to get through rough times and find meaning in them.


All the other comments are so good too. Everyone is right, you can't go wrong. Speak about what comes to you to speak about. God will lead you. Even if it feels uncomfortable. I'm really glad they picked you:)

Lori-Dawn said...

I like what everyone shared so far! If I was in the crowd, I would love to hear about the journey to your soft you seem to love unconditionally, and encourage your posse. And how in that loving environment they are respectful (ok Mollen is still just young...hee hee) productive little people! I'm always blessed visiting with you cause I always learn *something*!!
So where are ya talking? Cause I'd LOVE to be in the audience! Gasp, even if it meant going into a church building! hee hee

Marcy said...

I would totally come to hear you speak. I understand having a blank mind when it comes to being in front of a crowd. People think that because I can sing in front of a crowd that I'm naturally a good speaker too. Ha ha! I will pray for you as you follow the will of the Father in this. I too think that any number of things that you have a passion for is what you should talk on. Follow the Holy Spirit. He will lead you.


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