Monday, November 30, 2009

daddies & girlies...

i grew up in a family with 3 girls & no brothers....

i wonder if my dad was as entertained - (constantly, incapable of boredom, to the point of insanity) - as my husband is?

With 4 daughters, my husband has seen more panties, tutus, princess costumes, concerts & ballets than your average guy.

The other day, i was watching him with mollen. She was talking a mile a minute. Her little lisp keeps her tongue flapping - & he was so tired, his eyes were red rimmed & he was hardly keeping them open. Every few sentences, she would run to him & fling her arms around his neck & whisper in his ear, then climb on his lap then climb off & again to go get something to show him. i was exhausted watching them - him almost motionless, her a blur of energy particles fairly flying around the room. "Can you put this elastic around this and then around my head?" She asks sweetly, holding a tiny elastic and a broken kleenex box. He looks at her, uncertain, & she encourages him, "i wanna look like a robot, pulleeeeeze?"

"Honey, i don't think it's gonna fit..." His big fingers try putting the elastic around the box & the box begins to bend and tear. "That's ok, daddy." She says forgivingly.

Finally, she settles for showing him a song and dance she had learned.

"You just sit there & WATCH ME!"

He was obedient. Very obedient.

"Letter T says 'T-uh', letter T says 'T-uh', 'T-uh' like Turkey, letter T says 'T-uh'"

So far so good...

Her voice gets a little louder & more shrill as she works through the easy part of the song & onto the show.

Suddenly she flings her arms into the air & begins dancing across the room, "Try the turkey tango if you want ROMANCE!!! Other wayyyy... " (out flings the other arm as she tangos back across our living room...) She continues, her glinting eyes hinting at hilarity. Neil's eyes are glazed over, but i notice a grin starting to form under that scruffy facial hair...

She dances back across the room & suddenly bursts into the most energetic tap dance you've ever seen, "TWENTY TURKEYS CAN TAP DANCE, TWENTY TURKEYS CAN DO THE TWIST!!! TURN AROUND JUST LIKE THIS!!!" Her little body contorts and jives to the music and Neil is now completely captivated.

We both burst out laughing - our opportunity for conversation is stalled... but she has wormed her way yet again through his exhaustion & into his heart.

She smiles sweetly - success - & goes back to playing.

Late at night, i know when i hear little feet padding down our hall, that she will usually make her way to his side of the bed. She will climb under the covers & instantly be asleep again, beside her slumbering comfort. Each of our girlies has been the same. Our big girls have an easy, teasing relationship with their daddy.

He is a masterful father.

i can't imagine being a daddy... It's so completely different than being a momma. i love watching the man i love father the little ones i love.

Being in a family is a blessing beyond compare.


Jen said...

Me like.
I'm excited for a little girlie to wrap Brian around their finger :)

Andrea said...

It's not often that I can laugh out loud and cry in the span of 20 seconds. Thank you, Paige. Your posts bless me and remind me to look with my heart at what I've got.

Amy said...

Hi Paige...I just followed you over here from your comment on my blog and I'm so glad I did. I love what you have to say. And I'm really touched by your miscarriage posts. I don't know how long you've been reading my blog, but last year I lost my baby boy Zach at 18 weeks. I cherish every opportunity I have to talk about him and to tell people about what a gift he is in my life. I'm glad to know another person who understands.

Hillary said...

Girl, your post made me cry. first thing in the morning, a good little cry. These pregnancy hormones sure are kicking in! Thanks for yet another sweet little look into your life, and reminder of how blessed we really are.

jessica jespersen said...

I can't wait for week "U"... will I be there for that? --j

mamazee said...

Okay, i was laughing so hard, T had to come over and read and he was laughing out loud, too - tell Mollen we think she's hilarious!


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