Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sleeping with baby

He's been having a little trouble sleeping lately.
i see a haggard looking woman looking back at me in the mirror...
Neil was gonna be in Vancouver & i was in Victoria.
i decided there was room for his little warm body in my bed. i told him at nap time that we were gonna sleep together that night & judging by the smug little smile on his dimply face, he understood exactly what i said. At bedtime, after the big girls had begged for at least another 5 minutes of play with him, i finally fandangled him off to my bed.
The room was dark & i could hear him breathing next to me.
He made some lame efforts to stay awake - whispering in the dark, rolling over & patting my back, trying to stand up... but we both could tell it wasn't a night for fighting... tonight was a night for snuggling.
In no time, he was a limp, snoring noodle in my arms - & as i gently eased my arms from around him, i found that the house was already silent.
i had tucked Mollen & Peyton in their bed & i had said 'goodnight' to the big girls & knew they were already in their bed. i crept out in the darkness & found Charter in his little nest & he wrapped his arms around me & sighed, "i had a good day, momma." Me too, buddy.
i brushed my teeth and hopped back into bed with my slumbering prince.
In the dark, i missed neil - so i reached out for my soft little companion. i breathed in the smell of his sleeping self & thought that it's no wonder he went to sleep so nice for me.
Couldn't we all use a warm body in the night?

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Lisa said...

And that is exactly why Isaac still sleeps snuggled up beside me all night. :)


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