Monday, November 23, 2009

The Great Countdown of 2010...

What could this mess have accomplished?

Perhaps this objet d'art.

The great countdown has begun. i still have Gagey's little countdown rings, taped back on for each day that he went over.
For posterity, we wrote down our guesses for date & weight... m/w suggested Jan 31st for a date, the u/s suggested Jan 28th.

Cai- Feb 3rd, 7lbs 9oz

Sloan- Feb 2nd, 8lbs 6oz

Peyts-Feb 8th, 7lbs 13oz

Charter-Feb 9th, 8lbs 10oz

Molls- Feb 5, 6lbs 15oz

Gage- Feb 6th, 8lbs 4oz (we gave him his birthday & birthweight :)

mom-Feb 7th, 8lbs 13oz

dad- Feb 4th, 8lbs 3oz
If you wanna add yours, we've taken all the good dates :) hehe. The midwife did say, though, that this baby feels "small" - though they say that to me every.single.time. so i don't know if i should believe them anymore.
It looks like such a pitifully small number of rings, doesn't it?
i can't believe that this little one will be here so soon...
Grow, baby - snuggle in for this home stretch... enjoy the whooshing sound of my heart that you've stolen & the warm comfort of your squishy home for these last weeks.


Jen said...

Love this!
I remember seeing Gage's rings still hanging up when he was just a wee little one.

K, my guess:
8lbs 12oz - gonna be a BIG one :) (K's weight)
Feb 1st

Anonymous said...

I guess 8lbs 7oz on Feb. 9th


Melissa said...

I'm going to go with Jan 31st, 7 lbs 15 oz.

I love baby pools!!

Lisa said...

My guess is Jan 27 and 7lbs 1oz ;)

Mindy said...

I love, love, love that you guys do this. But I'm too afraid that I'll regret it as I get more and more overdue... ;)

paige said...

mindy - i promise to keep you company this time!! AND - we start saving them a couple of weeks before & then we tape them back on for every day we go over - the kids love that part too & think it's hilarious to tape back on this totally broken ripped ring! tee hee.

Lydia said...

That's awesome. I did a countdown paper chain to my little one's due date and after the due date came and went, I had to add another ten rings. :) May God grant you his patience as you wait on His timing!

Prvbs31Mama said...

So excited that you are on the homestretch already! woo hoo!!!
hmmm, I'm just gonna go with 9lb 11oz, just cause that was Malachi's weight...and January 15th cause Malachi was 2 weeks early as well...hehe no creativity here, 'sides everyone took the good weights and dates already..hehe

Melissa said...

EEEK! Prvbs31mama - eeeek! 9 lbs 11 oz at two weeks early? WOWZA!

mamalena said...

I'm betting Feb 2, and 7 lbs. 4 oz.


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