Monday, November 30, 2009


i knew he had to go away all week. Monday to Friday - & though i dreaded his absence, i knew it was coming & i had my week planned out accordingly.
Why i missed that he had to fly out on Sunday night is beyond me.
When i found out, i felt my heart beat in indignation.
Stolen hours, precious, sleeping, restful hours.
One more night of tucking in all by myself.
One less night sleeping next to the man i love.
i shouldn't begrudge those 12 or so extra hours that he has to be gone,
but i can't help but feel a little...


brad said...

me too

Prvbs31Mama said... your week crazy busy? Do you need a distraction? or do you like to just hibernate when Neil's gone?? Hugs!! See ya Wed!

jessica jespersen said...

I will see you soon too... :( --j


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