Friday, November 6, 2009

i'm... lonesome.

But if i invite anyone over to my house, it will be mayhem & i will be embarrassed.
Not sure what's worse.
i need to better wrap my head around discipline & rules for when we have company... & how to be comfortable with what usually escalates into *crazy hyper-ness* at my house the minute company walks in the door - & yet not let my little ones - by sheer pressure of their numbers - create havoc.
i often feel like i have a litter of excited little puppies jumping up at me the minute the doorbell rings :)
Any mommas feelin' me?
i sometimes wish for the days when bigger families were more common & we could see how other mamas did it... what was normal... what worked & what didn't... Sometimes i feel like i'm blazing a new trail of normal & i find there is so much trial & error.
i love this sweet little bit of chaos though & i'll continue to do the very best that i can... & pray that *sometimes* there will be a little peace in the midst of the whirlwind.


deborah said...

Know this, my brood is half the size of yours, but equally similar when it comes to company.
I think it's the norm. period.
Don't be embarrassed.

What shocks me is going to people's homes who have silent, bookworm children who are not heard...and barely seen.
I don't know what level of normal that is.

makes me remember this:
I think Kevin and I were still dating, or maybe newly married. Stopped at my uncle and aunts place for a visit (they have 9 kids). We were shockingly surrounded by quiet, reading children, until the silence was broken by the youngest one, who politely and proudly shuffled over to Kevin to show him his homemade bug collection.
I don't think Kevin ever forgot that moment. :) and nor did I.

Prvbs31Mama said...

Paige, I like your excited bunch of darlings! I have no problem talking above the noise...hehe
I'm not sure why you'd feel embarrassed...unless of course you have some friends that can't stand the
I feel comfortable in your home with everything going on. And your kids are pretty darn good, hehe, even Mollen! tee hee

paige said...

Yes - stories like this are the ones that make me wonder what level of Peace it would be reasonable to expect considering the age span i'm currently working with. If the *youngest* is old enough to have a bug collection, then i guess you're already in a different stage of life already by then eh?

paige said...

Haha, LD - i've noticed when i have "our crew" over, that the average age drops from what it is normally in our house so the chaos is obviously not just related to my rambunctious gang - then 's not so embarrassing.
My friend came over yesterday & Molls cornered her as she was getting her shoes on & said, "Next time you come, YOU - ME - MEMORY - i ROCK at that game..."

Melissa said...

Oh Paige - I'd come in a heartbeat! :) ...and whatever mess you might have would put me quite at ease about my own messes... it would be very therapeutic, I think! hee hee...

Anyone who knows anything about raising kids knows that there is noise and chaos and mess... and it's OK. Even the Duggars have chaos!! :)

Jen said...

#1. I'm very disappointed that I'm not Mollen's only Memory game friend :(
#2. I would feel WAAAAY more comfortable in your house of noise then in our other friends place we went to....Kellan wasn't allowed to play with his plastic car on the coffee table because it might scratch the wood! I was embarrassed for THEM and also a little mad!
#3. Thanks for blazing the trail - you can just pass all your great knowledge on to me! :)

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents....
I like it when we come over and your kids are happily bouncing around and meeting us at the door. It makes people feel good and know that they are happy & excited you are there. I think it does have a lot to do with the sheer numbers though, yeah most kids do that, but I think its a *little* harder for you with your larger brood and the company's as well. It has never bothered me though! I think you and they do a good job. Don't worry about it.


paige said...

Funny, Mel - i'm good with mess! Mess can be cleaned up & generally my house is ok... BUT - the noise & little squealy fits & an impromptu wrestling match & poking the baby... *those* get me more ;)
i did hear that about the duggars once - (i think my sisters have watched them?) That mama sure looks & sounds peaceful tho... i wanna have that sweet presence... even when there is chaos around me.

mamazee said...

first of all, i love jason upton... just puttin' it out there...

you're right - we are trailblazers - we are also "natural" and "real"... this is what families look like and looked like for centuries...

and while i think child training is a good and necessary thing, with little ones, we are constantly in that season of training. Easy to get weary of well doing :)..

but your littles are darlings... I think everyone has one child who is just a little LOUDER than all the others (in my house is it ULYSSES!!)< was that a secret? >

Treasured Grace said...

If I lived near you I would come over, so much you might get sick of me:) My house can become similar. I only have 2 at home but somehow my house is the "fun" house. Yesterday there were 8 of them here at 4 in the afternoon. And yes it was LOUD! But I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Soon enough we will have growm up kids, and no noise:( So I treasure these moments, even when I'm embarrassed or tired.

mamalena said...

hehe..just remembering the sight of everyone standing up at their places at the table and everyone talking all at once...(It was kinda nice sometimes)

On another might wantto delete that viagra add...hehe...

Melissa said...

LOL! I was thinking the same thing earlier about the viagra ad... you'd think they'd be smart enough to read your blog and figure out that with this many children and one on the way, you certainly don't need what they're advertising. :)

Oh c'mon, SOMEONE had to say it! :)

*sneaky grin*


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