Monday, November 2, 2009

and then she said

Cairo: Mom, what's it called when you only have one eyebrow & it goes over both eyes?
me: a monobrow?
Cairo: Ya, i have one of those...
We had company this weekend. Neil's auntie & uncle & their grown son came & spent a couple of nights with us. As i was walking by their room one day, (mollen & cai's room) i heard Mollen's perky little voice sounding off in there, "WERE YOU PEEKING THROUGH MY STUFF??" & Neil's auntie's voice, "Oh, no, Mollen. i was just putting my nightie in my suitcase..."
i walked around the corner to see Mollen, hands on hips, lisping full force, "Are you SURE??!! i thought i saw you peeking in THIS bin! & That's MY toy bin... No peeking!!!"
i'm glad his auntie has a sense of humour...
That was actually one of her tamer exchanges this weekend... Where did i inherit this little fire-ball from?


Prvbs31Mama said...

LOL, I love it! I wonder if this is what "having a strong sense of justice" looks like in a 5 yr old???

Jen said...

Your kids make me giggle!

jessica jespersen said...

tell mollen i peek through her bins everytime i come.--j

Emma said...

isn't it unibrow?


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