Friday, November 13, 2009

Biggest Loser

i took out my running pants the other day.
They looked impossibly tiny - but they fit me only 5 short months ago - maybe less...
i pulled them up & held them up to my nice round tummy, smiling at my husband who was already nestled in bed. He glanced up & without pausing said, "It's like watching the Biggest Loser in reverse..."
It's a good thing he knows i can laugh at myself.
& me? i'm feeling impossibly good. i can't believe i'm getting ready to count down the final 10 weeks. This pregnancy has flown.
i was thinking to myself the other day that i should not be feeling this good when i'm this pregnant, so i looked back in my journal from G's pregnancy & i was saying the same thing... i figure if all follows the same pattern, i've got another good 5 weeks to go before my body falls apart again. i'm planning on embracing it this time... When i ache, i'm gonna have a tubby, when i'm tired, i'm gonna sit down, when i'm uncomfortable, i'm gonna get comfortable... when i puff up, i'm gonna guzzle water & be gentle with myself. If possible, i'm gonna pull all the joy that there is to be pulled from this beautiful countdown.
i'm not ready to not be pregnant anymore.
i'm loving feeling little legs & knees & a sweet little twisty, turny head inside of me... the sweet company in my own body of another little person i love, the way that me and G make a baby sandwich when he nurses. i'm loving the look of surprise that is happening more & more often when Gagey is snuggled in my arms & he gets a little boot to his belly.
If only there was a way to preserve these days & these most beautiful moments...


Lisa said...

So sweet Paige :)

Jen said...

This is SO beautiful P.
Love it.
I don't want you to be done being pregnant either :) You just oooze joy and excitement and love for life, your family and the wee babe.
I'm glad you are soaking it up!
We HAVE to be pregnant together again!!! Wait for me! ;)

Prvbs31Mama said... a silly grin on my face at the thought of being pregnant and enjoying it as well...can't wait to join you! Perhaps Jen will have to settle to being pregnant at the same time as Lord willing!

Mindy said...

Great post! I love it when you talk about being pregnant...


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