Thursday, April 30, 2009

& no one was chasing me either...

i ran.

i didn't want to tell anyone 'cause it's embarrassing. i'm not very proud of my stick-to-it-iveness. i use to really, really like running in highschool. i'm always a little curious & intrigued when i find out people run long distances - & there's a part of me that has always wondered if i could ever do that too. But, then i say to myself, 'Self, there is no way that you will do that for more than a week... this is just a passing fancy, stick to what you're already doing poorly... no need to add to that pile...' (i know! Not very nice eh?)

But, i never seem to leave the house... & if i go for walks with the littles - there is so much dilly dallying - & on & off the bike, stroller - i hurt my foot, i'm cold, i wanna go home, i wanna play at the park... hold me.... that i never get a chance to get winded. So, in honour of my biggest 4 children training for their triathlon in August, i ran.

The first time, i got all dressed up with my runners on, my hair in a pony tail & went out to Neil's office where he was on the phone & jogged in place pantomiming my running prowess while he glared at me & motioned for me to go away. i waved smiling & went with the a couple of kids on bikes for a little loop. To my amazement - i could actually run... (ahem... jog) i got home & my cheeks were pink, & i ran out to Neil's office & did a little victory lap & annoyed the crap out of him. (Seriously, anyone wanna start bets on how long he can stand having his office in the garage?? - no, honestly, he loves it - he just has to keep up his gruff appearance...)

i discovered some new & interesting facts.

If i go for a run - i leave these walls that seem - with our delayed spring - to be tumbling in on me some days. Running is not a discriminating date. i don't have to have my hair done (but it helps if i'm gonna go show off for Neil first...) or have showered... i can even wear my pj pants if i feel like it. When i run, it has a beginning and an end. Tic. i can check that off. Completed, task accomplished, done. If i go for a run, i don't have to feel bad that i am avoiding the toilets and dusting...

Running won't have hurt feelings if this is just a fling - & neither should i.


Melissa said...

Way to go, Paige!!!

The Nieboer News said...

That's fantastic!!

jessica jespersen said...

I'm winded just reading that you jogged in place for Neil. I could maybe just do that every day... jog in front of Curt pretending that was my warm-up and he would think i had done some great work-out... and then i would secretly jog back to the house. I'm too lazy for that kind of a practical joke though... and who would i be fooling. If i'm going to expend that kind of energy i should probably just get on with it and start hitting the eliptical! Keep it up Paige. I wish I was better aquainted with physical exertion.-j

Lisa said...

That's awesome Paige!
I'm far too lazy, I can barely walk around the block without getting winded. lol

Prvbs31Mama said...

sigh, I'm with Lisa, but hopefully I'll be going for weekly walks soon! I mean really long 2-3 hour walks! I just have to put Shyla in a stroller and away we go!
Good for you Paige! Who knows, maybe you'll feel so good you'll stick it out longer than you thought you would!

Anonymous said...

Yay Paige! Ahji's been running half marathon's for a couple of years now. Jaylene wants to start running 3 - 5 km runs, so we're training together. I find it easier to have a running partner and she's a lot more enthusiastic than I am!

Your last few sentences reminded me of the ad Mel Gibson came up with in "What Women Want".


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