Friday, May 1, 2009

Uncle Jason

From the moment i hear that Uncle Jason is coming to visit, i start prepping the kids.
"i know he pulls money out of your ears everytime he comes to visit... Yes, i do realize that he had to make 3 trips out to his truck last time to scrounge for more money to give you... Mmmmhmmm, i understand that you are on a limited income with only your tooth money coming in - but please, please, please... don't mention the words 'magic' or 'trick' or 'money' when he comes... Please don't look like a bunch of little needy beggars with your dirty little turned up paws begging spare change. i will give you each a dollar if you will just remember to greet him warmly without scratching your ears hopefully... i know you lost a tooth since the last time he came to visit... Pullleeeeze don't bring it up saying, 'sometimes i get a loony when i lose a tooth!' - knowing that he will reach into his pockets and gruffly give you all the change your greedy little fingers can hold. Do we understand each other?"
"Yes, mom, of course! i won't ask for money - i promise..."
Downstairs we go - to find Mollen at the couch greeting uncle Jason warmly with a hug & a cute little gap toothed smile saying, "Peyton told me you know how to pull money out of kids' ears..."
i give up.


jessica jespersen said...

:) I remember uncles like that. :)-j

Mindy said...



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