Thursday, April 23, 2009

Premiers Prayer Breakfast - take 1

My carriage is a pumpkin & my lipstick is all wiped off. My heels are still in my suitcase & my feet are bare... i have a teeny blister on one toe from running around in heels so much the last 2 days.
i'm home.
So, you didn't know i was gone? i know - i'm a genius - i pre-posted my last entries 'cause i knew i would be away. By some pleasant circumstances, my sisters & i got asked to sing at the Premiers Prayer Breakfast in Edmonton. There was a fancy dinner the night before, and then a beautiful breakfast for 1200. We hardly get to sing together anymore, so it was so much fun for us to get the opportunity to be a part of such a cool event.
So, now i'm home... i didn't sleep last night... Gage had no idea how to sleep in a hotel & i spent the night using all my magic momma tricks to get him to sleep (read: nursing him non-stop). i'm not sure that i know how to put together my thoughts on our little experience quite yet, so for now, i will share with you the part that stands out to me the most.
For this, i am so grateful to my sister Stephanie.
From the moment that we got asked to sing, i hoped for the opportunity to talk to Mr. Stelmach about de-insuring abortion in our province. It hurts that our tax dollars are going to fund something that we are so morally opposed to. i brought it up in jest with my sisters... still hoping...
Fast forward to the end of the breakfast - we had met the Premier already and there was now a big line up of people waiting to shake his hand & greet him that morning. Jess had already had to leave because of her hungry little nursling & Stephanie & i were about to try to get out of there too. She looked at me & said, "Should we go talk to him about de-listing abortion?"
i really wanted to.
We waited in the line up - and Stephanie spoke first. i hopped in right beside her and said my piece. Something to the effect of, 'i know that this morning is supposed to be fun and non-confrontational - but i may never get the chance to meet the Premier again & i do feel like i want to ask you to please consider de-insuring abortion as it is morally unjust.' (Only, i didn't say it even that smoothly - & my words didn't come together like that... & i felt uncomfortable... ) We talked briefly - i felt like he *heard* us.
i had done what i knew my heart needed me to do.
i know i wasn't eloquent - or necessarily convincing. i know that our small plea might not have an effect on the unjust laws that make abortion all too easy.
But, in that moment, i felt...


The Nieboer News said...

I'm so glad you had the opportunity (and guts!) to do that!

I love how you are so passionate about the things you believe in and that you are willing to publicly take a stand. It's so honorable!

very funny about pre-posting :)

Jen said...

Welcome home :)
I applaud you girls for standing up and speaking your hearts. It's so important that we do that. Even if we don't think it will count or matter much - but you were heard and hopefully it struck a chord in him.
Wish I could have heard you girls.
Love the pics Steph put up - looks like it was a really BIG deal! And you are even considering lowering yourself to sing for a little church gathering in the middle of nowhere?!?! Your sisters could even come sing to that too if you miss singing with them so bad ;)

Lisa said...

You rock Paige!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Paige! You definitely did the right thing. Live your life with no regrets:) That is what your littles will see, admire, and also demonstrate. Following a lead who is not only voice- but action.
It might not have felt like much- but EVERY voice counts especially to those guys. We need to speak out more.


carol said...

What did you sing? Neat experience!

Prvbs31Mama said...

Yay you!!!! Isn't it SUCH a good feeling to know you did what you could? So proud of you! My stomach would have soooo been in knots doing that...not saying what you said but just meeting the guy!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that you had the opportunity to do that. When you guys used to sing together like little "chipmunks" as the Ecclebirds, I bet you never for a moment thought you would sing for over a thousand people and the leaders of the province. But even way back then, God was preparing you gals for this. Where will you be led tomorrow... who knows... Pro-Life Conferences, singing for Stephen Harper on Parliment Hill (or for Canada Day)... you gals sang for me when I came home from Scotland once and I felt like an important dignitary! So sing your hearts out wherever he leads you. I am proud of you gals - a trio of cousins... you all inspire me (through your blogs and your lives) to try to be a better Mum and a better Christian, etc. etc. Love, Saskatchewan Cousin...

jessica jespersen said...

wish i could have been there instead of rushing out of the Shaw , changing clothes in the vehicle on the way to a less enjoyable event. you girls make me happy to be your sister. smooches.-j


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