Friday, April 24, 2009

Premiers Breakfast Take 2

Ok, so maybe i don't have anymore thoughts to add after my original piece yesterday. i have some small thoughts rattling around in my mind... like could something called a Prayer Breakfast possibly be more about rubbing elbows than about Jesus? Maybe i could post about watching both of my sisters so eloquently speak *truth* about a loving relationship with Jesus at the dinner the night before... Or the hilarity of 3 housebound mamas on the loose at a fancy schmancy event... (ok, i just may blog about that sometime in the future... i'm still not positive that Jess didn't steal some of those tiny ketchups... Stay tuned for Take 3) & then i have my wiggling thoughts about Father Lucien Larre - one of the people who, because of conscience returned his Order of Canada when Henry Morgentaler was given the same award. He was the guest speaker at the breakfast. i was disappointed that they left out the return of his "prestigious" award in his introduction, but it is heartening to have that bit of information about him. What an example to us all.
But, honestly...
Yesterday's post sums it up for me. i had fun. i love my sisters. i love God.
i hope we point continually to Him.

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