Friday, April 17, 2009


Ah, the personality that oozes from those joyous eyes.
This little man of few words - is himself impossible to describe with words.
TouCH. TouCH. TouCH.
The latest addition to his tiny vocabulary.
He pads into the room on his fatty little feet with one of his starfish fingers pointing out, exploring his environment.
He touches a button on a blouse. My painted toenails. A little one's nose.
TouCH. He touches the very deepest parts of my heart capable of mother's love.
TouCH. He gently shifts my focus to what is most important - & i am grateful.
TouCH. One word. One stage of growth. One moment captured - that continues to capture me.


Courtney said...

They really do touch the deepest part of your heart, don't they!

方大同Kevin said...

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I LOVE YOU said...



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