Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i have the best husband in the world...

but, i'm not supposed to blog about him - so this is just between you & me...
He always picks up a broom, or a tea towel to dry dishes after supper. He will put away laundry & doesn't mind vacuuming on occasion. He keeps the van clutter-free & the outside is usually pretty clean too...
He can be a little ocd sometimes...
So, the other day... as i'm trying to get supper on the table, & our kitchen is a flurry of activity, he decided to tackle my pantry. He pulls out a basket & says, "There are like 4 things in this basket & it's taking up so much space."
"Yes - can we do that later? It's supper time & there are only 4 children & so i'm pretty sure there are 2 more out there somewhere..."
"i'm taking this out of here..."
"Ok... "
"There! Doesn't that look better?!"
There is an open space where the basket once was... The basket is now on my kitchen counter... i'm a little confused, but i smile & say, "Thank you, honey!"
We have supper.
After supper i'm cleaning up - washing the dishes... & he arrives like a superhero with his teatowel in hand, ready to rescue me.
"Where does this go?" he asks pleasantly...
"um... in.. the... basket... "
He grunts & rummages around to find a spot for my bundt pan.
This morning - i found my basket... up in the top of my pantry. It's chalk full. i can't reach it - but my pantry looks much, much tidier. ;)


Mindy said...

I love it!

The Nieboer News said...

chris does those "exact" things!!

It's the most inconvenient time but has to be done 'right then'. He thinks in the end it has helped, I'm usually indifferent.

BUT...I love that he tackles it with his heart in the most amazing place... (and I have the freedom to move it all back later :))

Jen said...

I would have to argue with your title....could there be a tie for that position? :)
I'm usually the one who does those random jobs at random times. Usually it ends up being at 11pm. That's when my inner cleaning fairy kicks in!


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