Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why do we do what we do?

i can't even give credit for this story 'cause i don't even remember where i read it...
Once there was a family, gathered together for some celebration. The woman pulled her roast out of the oven & it was done to perfection. The daughter in law, very impressed, asked the mother in law for tips & asked her why she cut the end off her roast before cooking it. The mother in law, paused & said, "Good question... i've just always done it that way because that's how my mom did it." Gramma was in attendance at the gathering, so they sought her out & asked her why she always cut the end off her roast before cooking it... Expecting an answer like, it makes the meat more savoury, moist, tender... whatever... Gramma looked at them both blankly & said, "Because my roaster was too small to accommodate the roast. i cut it so it would fit."
i love this story.
i love it because it's so much how we are...
So many things that we do, are a waste of time, or an added step, or even *detrimental*, & we do it because it's how we've seen it done, or it's the way "everybody else does it".
i've often prayed for God to open my eyes to the things that are tradition & cultural influences... & give me the courage to swim against the current.


Luke said...

I've heard that story before too. It makes me smile.


deborah said...

I pray for the same thing Paige...and I think in return God has given me a questioning spirit - I question so much and often, and I am truly thankful that I do...although Kevin sometimes begs me NOT to ask questions when we go somewhere! ha!


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