Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i wish there was some way to completely shelter my little ones from pain. From real life pain. Not the kind like where Gage bit Mollen on the cheek today & left big red welts, but the bigger deeper kind... The kind of pain that Cai's in right now. Just got news her best friend is in the hospital in Edmonton in very serious condition... The momma said in her email that dr's have told them she might not come out of the coma she's in.
Cai's undone.
Oh, i wish i could stop the pain that Cai's in... & even more so the pain that A & her family are in. i wish sometimes that we lived in heaven... Where sorrow & pain are things of the past & where every tear has been wiped from every eye.
But, we're still here... praying & pleading for grace & healing. Longing for the comfort of the Father... resting in the sufficient knowledge of His Goodness.

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deborah said...

sending prayers up...


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