Friday, November 7, 2008

Meal Planning

My sister made up a 'meal plan' with weekly meals for breakfast, lunch & supper. i thought i wouldn't mind giving it a go (just with suppers & let the other meals come as they come...) This is our first week using it & i think it was a huge success. There are a lot of reasons it helped:
a.) No planning suppers
b.) i could make a detailed shopping list, so i had all my ingredients
c.) meat was always thawed in time
d.) because i know what's coming, it's easy to double & throw one in the freezer for some things.
So, i'll share my little mealplan ~ (my sister's was much more impressive, so if you want to go check hers out, you might get more ideas...)
Monday ~ Pasta night... This week: lasagna (Could be: chicken pasta, spaghetti, etc..)
Tuesday ~ Big Meat... This week: roast beef (Could be: ham, turkey roast chicken etc...)
Weds ~ Stew night... This week: beef stew (hopefully using up leftovers from big meat night)
Thursday ~tacos (make extra meat for pizza night)
Friday ~ pizza (home made ~ so, tonight i'm making crusts for 4 large & i'll be able to freeze 2, i think... so i won't have to make crusts next week).


Mindy said...

That's great! I try to plan our dinners out a week at a time, and I'm not always that faithful at it, but I'm always glad when I get it done. I don't have certain types of meals for the day of the week, but that's an interesting idea. I do love knowing in advance what's on the menu, so I don't have to stand there and agonize...

lisa said...

I'm glad it worked for you! Something i'm trying is having the girls plan a meal. That takes care of 3 meals out of the week, and they *love* being involved. And of course whoevers meal we are making, they get to cook it (or at least help as much as possible).



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